Does pop colour help add life to your spaces?

Does pop colour help add life to your spaces?

Choosing neutral colours is a safe and chic way to decorate your living space. However, even the most amazing minimalistic and monochromatic design trends need a pop of colour to add some personality and character to your home. After all, it is a tried and tested way to highlight the architectural details and lend uniqueness to an otherwise plain space.

However, if you are scared of going wrong with bold colours, don’t be! There are many simple and guaranteed ways to make bright colours work well in neutral settings. Some of them are as follows –

Spice up your backsplash

A kitchen is a great place to be creative, both with food and interior design. If you agree, we would recommend using brightly coloured laminates for your kitchen backsplash. From solid shades to unique tile designs, you can choose from a range of options that suit your style as well as work seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen design and colour theme. This will make your kitchen appear brand new as well as add some pizzazz to it.

Let stairs take the stage

Cannot think of the best place to add that zing? Well, don’t forget the stairs! That’s right! Stairs can be as beautiful as they are functional. So, if you love the whole monochromatic theme for your home but would love to add some pop of colour in a few corners, try to give your stairs a makeover. You can choose unique shades, patterns and prints for the steps or even try something fun with the adjacent wall, such as creating a feature wall where you can choose either digitally printed multicolour laminates or wood grain laminates amongst many other options easily available at Royale Touché.

Freshen up your furniture

The best and simplest way to give your home a unique personality is to include furniture that works beautifully with the neutral or monochromatic theme of your home. However, if you have already purchased some of your furniture, just give it a makeover with Royale Touché’s laminate sheets. Yes, you heard that right! Now you can transform your basic items into statement pieces by using digital laminates that are available in a wide range of fresh and bright colours, designs and even textures, so you can finally put it all together to get a home that speaks for itself.

Work your TV wall design

If you want to drive the attention of your guests towards any one wall, make it your TV wall. Not only will this make your TV screen look stunning but also amp up the style of the wall, making it a stunning eye candy that will be impossible to ignore.

At Royale Touché, we aim to bring together functionality and aesthetics to homeowners by giving them stunning laminate options to choose from. So, what you get, ranges from sophisticated room designs to clutter-free spaces that let you enjoy every moment in your favourite corner.




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