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10 Unique Curtain Colour Combinations

By Royale Touche

Green and Cream Color Combination

Green curtains complement cream walls, infusing rustic charm. A matching chair completes the nature-inspired color scheme.

Misty Blue and Cream Color Combination

Cream walls offer versatile options. Enhance subtlety with light blue curtains, maintaining a misty ambiance and visual contrast.

Grey and Cream Color Combination

Grey, a neutral hue, adds depth. Grey curtains against cream walls create sophistication, elevating the overall aesthetic.

Brown and Cream Color Combination

Create an earthy vibe in the living room with dual-colored dark brown and beige curtains against cream walls. A seamless blend with a distinctive presence.

Red and Cream Color Combination

Experiment with deeper hues by incorporating shades of red. The combination of wine-red with cream walls adds a stunning, antique, rustic appeal to your home.

White and Cream Color Combination

White curtains against a cream backdrop aren't monotonous! These neutral tones complement each other, creating a layered effect for an immaculate, crisp, and clean appearance.

Yellow and Cream Color Combination

Bright, lively colors shine with neutrals. In this living room, vibrant yellow curtains pop against gentle cream walls. Opt for mustard yellow for a mellow hue that complements the neutral backdrop beautifully.

Golden and Cream Color Combination

Maintain symmetry with golden curtains in your bedroom or living room, sharing the same color base as cream walls. This combination creates a layered effect and imparts a touch of luxury to your space.

Patterns and Cream Color Combination

Single-color curtains suit modern living, but timeless patterns offer enduring style. Pick your favorite print in any color—a popular choice among Indian households.

Playful Color Combination

Opt for dual-colored curtains for a dynamic look. Pair options like white and sea green or cream and brown offer versatile choices. This styling trend is readily available in the Indian market.

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