2024's Top 5 Flooring Trends for Home Makeovers

Textured Wood Flooring

Discover the timeless charm of wood-textured flooring with natural tones and SPC innovation for a hassle-free alternative to traditional wood.

Checkered Flooring

Elevate your spaces with captivating checkered patterns. From classic black-and-white to softer tones like white and grey marble, this trend continues to shine in hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Graphic Tile Magic

Step into the future with graphic tiles! From monochrome mosaics to vibrant patterns, leverage technology to bring creative flooring options to your home in 2024.

Cork Floors

Embrace sustainability with cork flooring! Naturally warm, sound-insulating, and easy on the joints, cork is making a stylish return as a top flooring choice in 2024.

Natural Stone Flooring

Elevate your space with timeless marble and slate. Opt for large format tiles for a modern touch, or choose porcelain for water resistance and easy maintenance in the coming year.

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