Best Pooja Room Colour Combinations

By Royale touche


Divine Yellow Colour

Choose yellow for a joyful pooja room! It inspires happiness, hope, and confidence, making it an ideal color for your sacred space.


Textured Gloden Colour

Urban homes lack dedicated pooja rooms. Opt for an accent wall in a golden hue for a divine prayer space. Combine with Asian Paints' textured walls for a unique look.


Orange Colour

Vastu suggests warm tones for pooja rooms. Opt for orange shades paired with brown accents, mirroring the vibrant hues of flowers offered to deities.


Shades of White Colour

Opt for white in the pooja room for a serene, devotional ambiance. Symbolizing purity and simplicity, it complements white marble bases beautifully.


Soulful Green Colour

Consider green in your pooja room color scheme. It complements white accents, creating a harmonious and balanced atmosphere in different areas.