Different Types Of Laminates For Retail Shops

Matt laminate is a natural-looking laminate that provides a softer and sober look, and appears smoother than gloss finish laminate. The texture of a matt laminate is quite velvety and luxe too.

Matt laminates

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Differing only in pressure with which the laminate material is applied to a substrate, HPL is usually used with plywood, while LPL finds its use with MDF.


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The surface finish of a textured laminate is the only factor that differentiates it from other laminate designs. Hence, people who prefer to have amazing aesthetic appeal and a sophisticated appearance typically choose textured laminates.

Textured laminates

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These types of laminates mimic the natural look of real leather. And, the best part about using leather finish laminates is that even though it exudes such luxurious vibes, it hardly demands a lot of maintenance.

Leather laminates

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Such laminates are decorative laminates with antibacterial properties that keep your space hygienic by reducing the risk of bacterial growth. Such laminates are crafted with special biocidal actives that add an extra layer of protection.

Antibacterial laminates

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