The Top 5 Features That Every Small Kitchen Needs

Hidden Hardware

Avoid bulky cabinet knobs and pulls. Opt for handleless cabinets with touch latches for a seamless, space-saving look in your small kitchen.

Shelves Open

Remove upper cabinets for a spacious feel. Open shelves make the kitchen look bigger and brighter. They let in more light and prevent shadows on countertops. Extending tile backsplash to the ceiling adds visual height to the room.

Add Bold Patterns

Introduce bold patterns to add personality to your small kitchen. Even a small amount can make a big impact. Be cautious not to overwhelm the space with too much pattern.

Corner Storage

Maximize corner storage in your small kitchen with open shelves. Light colors expand cabinets visually. Extend backsplash tile upward for added height.

Image source : pinterest

Attractive Countertop Appliances

Maximize small kitchen counter space. Keep essentials visible if cabinets are full. Invest in stylish appliances, like the white toaster shown.

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