Types of Office Furniture

Royale Touche

Managerial desks are specifically crafted for managers and supervisors, varying in both form and dimensions. These desks are suitable for placement within office cabins of various sizes.

Managerial desk

A conference chair, a piece of professional office furniture, not only brings elegance to these conference rooms but also presents a positive impression of your office to the Board of Directors and other high-level management personnel.

Conference chair

File storage units offer a solution by providing multiple drawers and shelves to effectively store files, papers, folders, and documents.

File storage units

Nowadays, the market offers a diverse selection of computer desks, complete with various features such as drawers, keyboard trays, and other compartments.

Computer desks

The director's desk occupies a prominent position within the central area of the workplace and is exclusively designated for directors.

Director’s desk

The writing desk lacks shelves, drawers, or compartments for storing office accessories, yet it provides a comfortable workspace, especially for laptop usage.

Writing desk

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