Benefits of using laminates in restaurants or cafes

Laminate sheets are made with a specialised transparent paper coated with aluminium oxide and a unique resin mixture to protect the top surface of the laminate from scratches, impacts, abrasion, spills and other external agents.

Highly durable

These laminates demand relatively little to no maintenance to keep their appearance. However, in order to keep them looking as good as new, make sure to use a soft microfiber cloth soaked in warm water to wipe down any stains or dust particles.

Easy to maintain

This feature minimises the risk of microbes penetrating and multiplying on the laminate sheets and prolongs the lifespan of the furniture, making it an ideal product for restaurants.

High performance & Hygienic

Wide choices

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So, if you are planning to liven up the décor of your café or restaurant in an affordable manner and make it a social media aesthetic, look no further than Royale Touche; we’ve got you covered!