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Laminates Catalogue

      This laminates catalog from Royale Touche is a publication that comprises different types of laminates, the descriptions and images as per design and classification available with the objective to help the buyer understand the laminate's features, benefits, and applications better.

      This catalog is ideal as a resource for interior designers, homeowners, and architects seeking inspiration for their upcoming projects or looking to revamp their professional and personal spaces. Using a laminates catalog for reference helps one choose the right laminate from an array of choices for bedroom walls, kitchen countertops, or door laminates.

      Royale Touche laminate catalogs are organized per laminate type or application, such as solid colors, woodgrain, or bathroom and kitchen countertop laminates. Moreover, the descriptions with each laminate image consist of technical information such as the dimensions, thickness, and features that add to its longevity, like stain and moisture resistance, etc. It also mentions additional information regarding environmental certifications and the fire rating of the laminates.

      Royale Touche's laminate catalog is one of the best ways to learn about the various kinds of laminates available, leading to finding the perfect one for your space.

      Here are a few benefits of using Royale Touche's laminate catalog:
  • Serves as an inspiration to create your next project or renovation
  • It gives you an insight into different types of laminates so you can compare and then choose
  • It helps you gain an insight into the technical details of the laminates before finalizing
  • It gives you the option of multiple types and designs of laminates in a single catalog

      Everyone seeks world-class interiors that render luxurious aesthetics and longevity, an optimal combination you can find at Royale Touche. A pioneer in the laminates arena, Royale Touche has established immense repute and popularity among homeowners and interior designers regarding high-quality, state-of-the-art laminates.

      Laminates match the aesthetics of most natural look-alike materials, are cost-efficient compared to wood-like raw materials, and are extremely easy to maintain. Adding to the advantages of investing in laminates is that Royale Touche offers a wide range of laminates across multiple categories in multiple patterns, colors, and designs, which you can access and choose on the Royale Touche online portal.


Laminate Types:

  • Abstract:

    A unique collection of organic and geometric patterns on laminate sheets that enhance the aesthetics of your personal and professional spaces.
  • Crystal:

    Make a style statement with a high-gloss finish from Royale Touche's crystal laminates. These laminates' sleeky, glossy surface is perfect for creating a contemporary yet sophisticated look.
  • Fabrics:

    Fabric laminates offer the touch and feel of fabric-like material but with a laminate's twist and longevity-like properties. Compared to plain fabric, fabric laminates offer greater tensile strength and durability.
  • Fluted:

    Royale Touche's fluted laminates are multi-colored, decorative laminate sheets designed to improve the overall aesthetics of your professional or personal space.
  • Digital:

    Digital laminates are a modern surfacing solution by Royale Touche that enhance the look of your residential and commercial spaces. Digital laminates are available in multiple styles, and we make sure our designs make your aesthetics stand out.
  • High gloss:

    A unique combination of performance and aesthetics, Royale Touche's high gloss laminates are perfect for surfaces wherein sheen and durability are required together. Sought after for cabinets and countertops, Royale Touche has an array of high gloss laminates to choose from.
  • Anti-fingerprint:

    Perfect for high-traffic areas, Royale Touche's anti-fingerprint laminates render four-time scratch resistivity and fingerprint resistance enabling you to save time and effort on constantly cleaning laminated surfaces.
  • Leather:

    Leather laminates offer a leather-like finish without using the actual material. The optimal combination of leather-like features, longevity, UV light resistance, and antibacterial properties of Royale Touche's laminates makes leather laminates one of the most sought-after options.
  • Stone:

    Using natural stone and its derivatives for surface interiors is an age-old and rather expensive method of interior decoration. This is when Royale Touche's stone laminates come into the picture, providing stone-like texture and appearance with essential laminate features.
  • Marbles:

    Marble laminates impart marble's luxurious and classy look as surface interiors without having to shell out money on raw material, which is susceptible to staining. Royale Touche's marble laminates provide the perfect marble effect at competitive prices!
  • High-Pressure Laminates:

    Commonly known as HPL laminates, these are the toughest type of laminates and extremely durable. Royale Touche's high-pressure laminates are functional, innovative, and extremely versatile, ideal for high-pressure and high-traffic areas.

Laminate Application Areas

      Let's explore how laminates can elevate the style and functionality of important areas.
  • Kitchens

    Royale Touche laminates offer the ideal balance of flair and utility in the kitchen. They can be used on flooring, backsplashes, countertops, and cabinet doors. Laminates may imitate the appearance of natural materials like wood or stone while providing excellent resistance to moisture, stains, and heat thanks to the wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns available. Laminates are, therefore, a tough and low-maintenance option for kitchen worktops.

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