Customizing Spaces with Printed Fabric Laminates

Customizing Spaces with Printed Fabric Laminates

Combining creative ideas with modern design materials often leads us to extraordinary results. Another way to achieve remarkable solutions is by collaborating with India’s most premium laminate brand – Royale Touché. The brand offers a wide selection of luxury laminates in a plethora of colours and textures, which can be used for different creative projects in both residential and commercial settings. 

What are fabric laminates?

Laminated fabrics are two or more materials bonded together with an adhesive to create a composite material with a layered structure. Compared to plain fabric, laminated fabric sheets provide greater tensile strength and enhanced durability.

Characteristics of laminates

1. Laminate sheets are cost-friendly and a better alternative for natural materials.

2. They are solid, durable and resistant to scratch, water, and mould formation.

3. They are available in extensive choices of digital layers, solid colours, metallic prints and more.

4. They are easy to clean and maintain. All you need is mild cleaning agents and a microfiber cloth to wipe any stains or dust.

5. Fabric laminates also offer superior quality, and are resilient to external factors such as Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, water, fire, scratches, etc. which makes them a perfect choice.

Top 3 ways fabric laminates can help you create unique spaces

Highly Customisable 

If you are a designer or a creative individual who likes to do things your way, worry not, we’ve got you! With Royale Touché’s printed fabric laminates, you can customise and display any image of your choice, in any corner of your living space. All you need is a high-definition image and the rest will be taken care of by the team. However, if you want to take a simpler route, you can also choose from a wide collection of pre-designed printed laminates available in several themes on our website. 

Artistic appearance 

Fabric laminate designs offer an unmatched aesthetic appeal that can be strategically used to display anything from your favourite piece of artwork to family portraits or other imagery in both residential and commercial spaces. This gives you a chance to channel your inner artist and showcase your hidden talents to the world. 

Exceptionally durable

Royale Touché’s fabric sunmica are made to provide strength, balance, stability, better sanding and adhesion and longevity. Plus, they are also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in nature. So, if you are planning to build furniture using fabric laminates or revamp your old pieces, you absolutely should. 

Royale Touché brings you a chance to create, innovate and transform your home or workspace into a personal sanctuary that reflects your personality and vision. With 600+ designs, 40+ realistic textures, 3 sizes, and 1 new design every 4 days, we open a world of possibilities for our customers and bring forth nature and all its beauty close to you. 

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