Enhance Your Home Decor Expertise with the Irresistible Charm of Fabric Laminate

Enhance Your Home Decor Expertise with the Irresistible Charm of Fabric Laminate

Bored of your regular old furniture? Does your beloved sofa need a revamp? Is the leather peeling away on that stunning study table your grandparents presented you with? Well, then it’s time to say hello to fabric laminates.

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What are fabric laminates?
Fabric sunmica or fabric laminates have two or more materials bonded together with an adhesive to create a composite material with a layered structure. Compared to plain fabric, laminated fabrics provide style, greater tensile strength and improved durability. They can also be customized to provide additional benefits, such as flame retardance, air holding, or water resistance, and are often used in home décor to enhance the appeal of your furniture, both old and new.

Best ways to use fabric laminates in home décor

Revamp your furniture
If your old chairs and tables need a little bit of modern touch and sophistication, the best way to do that is by choosing appropriate fabric laminates. These laminates will help you give them a brand-new look that will not only enhance the area but also add a glamorous appearance to your home, without exceeding your budget. Available in a wide range of styles and designs, fabric laminates have become the choicest option for designers and homeowners around the world.

Use as upholstery
Love the unique headboard ideas you saw on Pinterest? Or the mid-century upholstered dining table you spotted at your friend’s housewarming ceremony? Guess what? You can have it too. Yes, fabric laminates are quite flexible in nature. Hence, you get a ton of options to play with the material or use it in the most versatile ways you like. Moreover, if you’d like to revamp your sofa, or reading chair, you can also do that with Royale Touché’s extensive range of laminated fabrics, available in a plethora of stunning, vintage, modern, and trendy designs and patterns.

Add texture and style to your walls
If you are someone who loves design or is interested in home décor, you’ll know how adding unique elements to your walls can prove to be a game-changer. This is one of the reasons why you’ll notice many designers have taken up the challenge of incorporating soft furnishing, or fabric laminates to the walls in a unique and stylish manner. Honestly, with the right vision and quality laminate sheets you can make even the most practical of rooms beautiful.

Royale Touché is a leading manufacturer of various types of laminate sheets and laminate boards that can help you transform your old furniture or redesign your home to suit your modern taste. From solid-coloured laminates to digital and fabric laminates, we have all the options available for your specific requirements. Contact us for more information.

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