Fluted wood: The new trend in the Laminate world!

Fluted wood: The new trend in the Laminate world!

Are you in the mood to spruce up your living space? Are those beautiful corners in your home no longer satisfying or inspiring your interior dreams? Do you feel bored looking at that wall colour that used to be your favourite, a few years ago? Well, then it’s time to invite sophistication and new trends into your home by adding fluted panels.

But first, let’s understand what is fluting.

Fluting is a popular ancient technique used in architecture, where a series of shallow grooves that run across a surface are used to create a pleasing play of light. Typically, this effect might have been used to make columns seem perfectly round, thinner and more elegant. Today, fluting is used for our interiors in all kinds of applications to add texture to an otherwise simple or minimalist decorating scheme.

Here are some versatile and decorative ways fluted panels can be integrated into different interior styles:

Fluted Panels in Kitchen

Want to give your kitchen island an extra chic look? Instal fluted panels that truly have been a staple in architecture for centuries. It has definitely become a huge trend now, but this method has been used for kitchen islands for years to add warmth and texture to the space. This also creates a point of interest that a flat-fronted surface, like marble, would have failed to do. You can use this method for an extractor hood, or as a top box cabinet in the kitchen area as well.

Fluted Panels in Bedroom Headboard

Your bedroom is a place where you recharge after a long day, so make it as fancy and charming as possible. Whether your style is minimalistic or bold, with fluted panels you can create a wonderful and cosy bedroom without any compromises. For example, you can install flute panels vertically to create the impression of grandeur, or choose to go horizontally for a hotel-style luxury feel. You can also consider going with a natural colour to keep it warm and neutral or chose a stunning gloss finish that will add contrast. In any way, fluting will add a timeless appeal to your bedroom that refuses to go out-of-date quickly.

Fluted Panels to Divide Rooms

It’s important to take a break, relax and just centre yourself every once in a while. This can be a little difficult when there are a lot of decorative pieces, loud noise or people surrounding you. But, with a fluted panel divider, you can create a space that separates your ‘lazy or recreation time’ area from the rest of your home. Besides, the panels don’t create a space that’s meant to be peaceful and relaxing feel too busy. You can also use fluting to great effect in dividers and glass panelling.

Fluted Panels in Living Room

Fluted panels can be used in many ways in your living room, especially for television units as fluted panels often stand out and serve as a sliding door to hide unruly electrical wiring, giving your overall decor an extra boost of cleanliness and style. This modern classic design is both fabulous and functional. You can also use these panels in your TV room to divide areas such as a small workstation at the end of the room using fluted panels in colours that work well with the rest of your furniture.

As you can see, there are several ways to use fluted wall panels. Now, you may not be able to choose from a hundred different colours or patterns, but you can definitely select styles that give you a casual, relaxing, or elegant space.



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