Top Trends in High-Definition Laminates for 2024

Top Trends in High-Definition Laminates for 2024

Want to improve the look of your kitchen? Planning to revive your home this year with a new aesthetic? Want to bring back the spark in your living room? If your answer is yes to all these questions, you need to simply look in one place – Royale Touché. 

With over 800+ designs and textures of laminates to choose from, along with one phenomenal new design every week, we, at Royale Touché, give our customers an opportunity to create a truly unique space that’s nothing short of extraordinary. Plus, our luxury laminates go through the most stringent quality tests in the industry. All these tests are conducted at an ISI-certified laboratory that is equipped with specialised Q&A machines from Germany and the USA.

What are HD laminates?

High-definition or HD laminates boast realistic designs. They offer deep rich, wide sweeping patterns with the look of natural stone. The finish process also makes high resolution 3x more durable than standard laminate. High-definition laminate sheets are made of specially selected decorative papers & absorbent Kraft paper impregnated with Melamine Formaldehyde & Phenol Formaldehyde Resin to be used on vertical and horizontal interior surfaces.

Top trends in high-definition laminates for 2024

1. Wood Grain textures – Wood-inspired laminate finish brings the essence of warmth and elegance of real wood without maintenance. Oak, hickory, and maple designs are popular choices. You can expect to see a lot of such natural and realistic finishes this year.

2. Stone and tile textures – Stone and tile patterned laminate surfaces mimic the appearance and feel of genuine stone or ceramic tiles. They prove to be ideal for providing a touch of luxury and elegance, plus they are simple to clean, water-resistant and robust.

3. Abstract designs – The next HD laminates you’ll notice in many spaces this year will be abstract designs that are usually inspired by various cultural influences and artistic trends. These layers provide a unique touch to any area and prove to reflect the strong style of the designer.

4. Vintage and rustic features – Lastly, vintage and rustic features continue to be popular in 2024 simply because these textures are approachable and easy to keep, making them a useful choice for homes and artists.versatility of stone laminates makes them perfect for use on a variety of surfaces 

Reasons to use high-definition laminates

1. Laminates provide an attractive option for commercial and residential spaces that are both durable and cost-effective.

2. One of the biggest benefits of using laminates is that they are easy to clean.

3. Laminates are becoming extremely popular today as they are affordable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

4. With its wide range of colours and patterns, decorative laminates can be used to create beautiful furniture that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

5. The versatility of stone laminates makes them perfect for use on a variety of surfaces 


At Royale Touché, we offer HD sunmica that’s both trendy and timeless. These laminates not only guarantee to elevate your space but also keep it looking sophisticated and timeless for many years to come.

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