Tips for Selecting Perfect Laminate Sheets

Tips for Selecting Perfect Laminate Sheets

It is imperative to create a fair balance between aesthetics and practicality in order to achieve an exciting and unique space. This is why designers around the world choose laminates, when creating masterpieces, as they offer an incredible mix of class, resilience, and significance.

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Here are a few things you should consider before selecting laminates for your space –

1. Condition of the existing surface 
Not every surface is made equal or smooth. Hence, before you use laminate sheets, you must check any underlying problems to rule out difficulties that may arise after installation. Always remember that successful installation of laminate requires a smooth, solid, and level surface to begin with. Therefore, it is best to do a thorough investigation. 

2. The thickness of the surface 
Lamination over any existing surface may bring a slight change in height. However, if you find that the height increase won’t cause any problems in the future, then there is absolutely no reason to go through the process of removing the existing surface. 

3. Requirement of laminate underlay 
It is best to check if you will require a laminate underlay. This is basically a thin, flexible and soft layer of cushioning that is laid between the existing surface and the laminate. The most common types of underlay are foam, rubber or felt. 

4. Check the colour sample
Before installing decorative laminates of your choice to your preferred space, match the laminate sample at the place where it will be installed and check whether it sits well with the chosen surface as well as with the other elements & décor of the room.

5. Know your budget
Decorative laminates indeed vary in price, colour, size and design. Hence, it is best to stick to a certain budget or select a dealer such as Royale Touché that offers stunning styles & designs at an affordable price.

Why choose laminate?

Homeowners and designers often choose to go with laminates, simply because –

  • Firstly, they are super DIY-friendly and affordable too.
  • Secondly, laminates come in a range of incredible colours, designs, and patterns. So, you can choose the one that works best for your needs and space, or that comes closest to mimicking the classic look and feel of natural elements such as stone, wood, or leather. 
  • Don’t forget durability. Laminates are long-lasting and have a long life span.
  • Finally, laminates are pretty simple and easy to clean and maintain.


At Royale Touché, we do our best to bring ingenious solutions to our customers who want to transform their space beautifully as well as ergonomically. Hence, before you plan to renovate or revamp your home or commercial space, we recommend getting in touch with our experts who will not only understand your requirements but also guide you every step of the way. 

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