Accentuate your space with the right combination of laminates and lights

Accentuate your space with the right combination of laminates and lights

If you ask an interior designer, “What’s one of the most complex things to work with, when curating a space?” the answer most often would be “lighting.” After all, lighting sets the mood and creates the right ambiance in every room, giving you a space that allows you to rest, relax or recuperate. 

Now, before we talk about how the correct lights, when combined with the right laminate surfaces can help you transform your home, let’s understand what is a laminate.

What is a laminate?

Royale Touché laminate sheetis an artificial material used for furnishing commercial and residential spaces. They are made with a specialised transparent paper coated with aluminium oxide and a unique resin mixture to protect the top surface of the laminate from scratches, impacts, abrasion, spills and other external agents. Furthermore, a combination of specially treated Kraft papers with a variety of resin mixtures are used to provide strength, balance, stability, better sanding and adhesion, and longevity to the product. The core, once treated under controlled conditions, prevents the laminate from cracking and fracturing, ensuring it looks good and stays good for years. 

Here’s how you can transform your home interiors using digital laminates from Royale Touché –


Your first step should be to understand the types of sunmica available in the market. Each sunmica or laminate is designed for a specific purpose. This is why you must choose according to the functionality, for example-

1. High Pressure Laminates – Perfect for surfaces exposed to high wear and tear
2. Gloss Laminates – Ideal for kitchen cabinets
3. Decorative Laminates – Living room, bedrooms and kitchens
4. Anti-Fingerprint Laminates – Surfaces that are prone to a high level of interaction and usage

Lighting around Royale Touché Laminates

Earthy Hues 

The CRYSTAL Z + GW 1294 laminate design brings home more rustic hues and muted tones that are soothing to the eyes. Shades such as warm browns, deep reds, or even brown and terracotta have the potential to add raw appeal to your place and create an ambiance that can transform any space into a stunning and cosy abode under any lighting.

Golden tones 

Under lighting, CF 203 brings enthusiasm, positivity and clarity that every space needs. This tone that literally looks and feels like a slice of sunshine has been adored by people of all ages as it welcomes positive vibes and boosts your mood and perspective. It also makes you feel optimistic and aids memory and self-esteem.

Warm sleek styles

Another laminate that works cohesively with different lightings is JB 652. This shade gives a very elegant and warm look to any space, and a lot of room to play around with accents and furniture. So, if you are going for a clean, yet elegant look, you’ll not be disappointed with this one. 


Don’t forget to consider the lighting in your house before you start working with laminates. It is always recommended to understand lighting in different spaces of your home, when crafting your interior decor, regardless of the material being used. Apply laminate sheet designs that complement the natural or artificial light in different corners to bring out the best aesthetics.

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