Designing bathrooms & integrating laminates into bathroom decor

Designing bathrooms & integrating laminates into bathroom decor

“Laminates in bathroom design? No way!”

Well, with Royale Touché there is a way! 

Yes, you heard that right! Forget what people say and focus on finding an ideal partner who helps you discover an affordable solution, as well as collaborates with you to complete your new project in record time.

It is no secret that laminates present trademark durability, moisture resistance, ease of installation, ease of maintenance and functional aesthetics. These qualities offer every homeowner an exciting opportunity to build an incredible, fashion-forward space that lets you wash the tiredness of the day and rejuvenate yourself. 

Intriguing, right? Now, let’s understand how we can use digital laminates in our bathroom.

Top 3 ways to use laminates creatively in your bathroom –

Revamp furniture

Laminate offers a great chance to revamp your old or vintage furniture into something modern, thanks to its excellent moisture-resistant properties. Plus, if you are choosing laminates for your extremely dull or withered items, you can be rest assured of its appearance and longevity as they are immune to the ill effects of spills and scratches too. However, if you have pets, we’d recommend opting for a wood-look laminate with distinctive knots and grain patterns as these stunning prints can double as camouflage against small scratches and nicks.

Creative walls

Available in a wide variety of designs, patterns and colours that can even mimic the appearance of natural stones perfectly, such as stone & marble laminates, they offer individuals a plethora of options to experiment with. So, if you want to give your bathroom a grandiose look, go ahead and do it! Brands like Royale Touché encourage their customers to experiment and innovate, so that together as a team, we can come up with something unique.

Functional cabinets

Give a touch of functional aesthetic and simplicity to your bathroom by choosing Royale Touché digital laminates. Choose a particular theme, either traditional or modern, which fits your bathroom’s ambiance and then, express your ideas by using laminates that match your vision. Remember, the laminate sheets protect your space from dirt, bacteria, virus and pollutants. It also has advanced properties such as scratch, mould & heat resistance. Hence, it acts as a great option when building bathroom vanity in several styles. 

What makes Royale Touché laminates special?

With over 800+ designs and textures to choose from, along with one phenomenal new design every week, we, at Royale Touché, give our customers an opportunity to create a truly unique space that’s nothing short of extraordinary. Besides, our luxury laminates go through a stringent quality test. All these tests are conducted at an ISI-certified laboratory that is equipped with specialised Q&A machines from Germany and the USA.


Now that you have a deeper insight and knowledge on bathroom laminates and our brand, as well as how they can help you create unique and beautiful spaces, go ahead and check out our catalogue to find something you love.

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