How to Determine the Quality of Laminates?

How to Determine the Quality of Laminates?

Planning to give your space a new look with digital laminates? Well, you will find a plethora of stunning, trending, and efficient digital laminates in the market today that can transform your living space and give it an aesthetically pleasing look. While this is good news, it can also cause a lot of uncertainty and doubt. After all, you do not want to pick the wrong laminate and be disappointed with its poor quality and performance, right? 

So, in this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to keep in mind while working with laminates.

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  • Usage of digital laminates in interior design
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Usage of Digital Laminates in Interior Design

As you know, digital laminates are mainly used as surfacing material in interior design. However, they also have the potential to transform any space into a masterpiece. In a nutshell, applications of digital laminates can be, in a way, limitless.

Here are a few important points that will help you make the right decision when buying the best laminates:

Thickness of laminate sheets: Picking the right thickness of laminate sheetis a very crucial decision. This is because thicker laminates provide a more real wood-like feel. The thicker depth also results in a more detailed etching, so it is best to take advice from professional experts.

Abrasion Resistance: A common problem with traditional laminates is that they tend to show signs of being worn away, due to rubbing, friction, or grazing, after only a few years of usage. Hence, Royale Touché focuses on manufacturing premium laminate sheets at top-notch facilities with modern equipment imported from Spain and Italy, that can resist erosion of any kind and continue to make your space look spectacular for years.  

Core material: Royale Touché digital laminates use a very special resin formulation that is applied over the decorative surface paper to achieve a high degree of bacteria growth resistance. This allows your space to stay hygienic and does not allow any bacterial or fungal growth, which can be detrimental to your health.

Heat and moisture resistance: Our luxury laminates are safe enough to be used for commercial as well as residential spaces as they are halogen-free and treated with fire-retardant chemicals that help prevent casualties or damages caused due to fire hazards. 

Certification and standards: Royal Touche uses high-quality products that go through some of the most stringent quality tests at an ISI-certified laboratory equipped with specialized machines from Germany and the USA before they become a part of your living space. 


Royale Touché is a leading manufacturer of various types of laminate sheets and laminate boards that can help you furnish or revamp your space into the most desirable and fashionable corners in the world. From wood laminates to digital, stone, and decorative laminates, we have all the options available for your specific requirements. Contact us for more information.

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