Laminates in Hotel Design: Crafting Luxurious Guest Experiences

Laminates in Hotel Design: Crafting Luxurious Guest Experiences

The hospitality industry is one of the most dynamic sectors that faces high competition. Especially, over the last few years, more and more hotels have cropped up that not only offer excellent services but also aesthetically pleasing and comforting corners, which guarantee to leave a lasting impression on the customers. 

From futuristic tech enhancements to tasteful art, there are endless options that can define the aesthetics of your hotel in an affordable manner. Wondering how? Well, think laminates.

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  • Why is it important to focus on interior design in the hospitality industry? 
  • 4 trends that will transform the interior design of your hotel 
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Why is it important to focus on interior design in the hospitality industry? 
In the hospitality industry, interior design offers more than just visual appeal; it also plays an important role in influencing the experience of your guests. More recently, customers have started opting to stay in hotels that focus on the ambiance, layout, colour scheme and textures that come together to create a comfortable and functional space. 

Hence, experts choose to work with the most flexible element available in the market – hotel laminates. These laminates allow you to incorporate the latest designs or trends in a cost-effective manner, whilst ensuring you get both exceptional quality and durability.

Now, with so many upcoming interior designs and extravagant trends, it is not possible to revamp the interiors every year. Hence, we would like to suggest four popular styles that will modernise your space and appeal to your guests –

Four trends that will transform the interior design of your hotel room laminates:

Cosy & comfy vibes 
Recently, many hotels have shifted towards incorporating homely vibes. Something that feels like a ‘home away from home.’ Now, this trend focuses on designing spaces that evoke the feeling of being welcomed into a space that looks and feels comfortable, warm, and relaxing. 

To nail this trend, use soft textured laminates, personalised décor, warm lighting fixtures, and solid colours and panelled walls that can foster a sense of homeliness in your guests. 

Sustainable Elements 
You must remember that your guests are also looking for a quick escape from the concrete jungle that surrounds their lives. Hence, integrating natural elements, decorative or nature-inspired laminates and softer tones, including materials such as wood, plants, organic textiles, etc., can create a calm ambiance that will rejuvenate the soul. This is also one interior design trend that is bound to stay on top for many, many years. 

Talk Textures 
Textured laminates have a unique design pattern that is usually preferred by creative individuals and designers who want to add a classy, elegant and distinct aesthetic appeal to their surroundings. So, if you have a particular theme or luxe design in mind, textured laminates are the best option to go with. Moreover, textured laminate has a personality of its own, so you do not have to do a lot of hard work as it naturally makes a statement. 

Local Art & Culture
Incorporating local art and culture in your interior design is one way to attract tourists as well as stay relevant for years. By weaving local traditions, and heritage in your design, you can create spaces that not only reflect the local identity but also inspire a sense of connection and curiosity. If you have a similar vision, you can choose to customise your laminates by choosing Royale Touché, a leading manufacturer of various types of hotel sunmica sheets with several decades of experience in transforming living spaces with high-quality products and craftsmanship. 

Interior design is an evolving industry, with multiple new trends, and some classic old style being re-invented. So, while it is great to be in the know, do not forget to keep it authentic and unique. And, you can only do that by finding yourself a partner like Royale Touché who understands your vision and works with you, every step of the way.

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