Pattern play: Geometric and chevron laminate design

Pattern play: Geometric and chevron laminate design

You can have a space that’s basic, or you can craft a home that converses in patterns. Yes, the patterns you use in your abode should have a conversation with each other; a conversation that feels like a beautiful song. 

Mixing and matching patterned digital laminates offers you an exciting opportunity to create a space that is more than just appealing; it’s magical.

Top 8 best laminate designs for modern homes

  1. Wood Grain Laminate: Wood-inspired laminate finish brings the essence of warmth and elegance of real wood without maintenance. Oak, hickory, and maple designs are popular choices.
  2. Gray Laminate: Gray laminates add a contemporary touch to your home. It pairs well with a variety of colour schemes and furniture styles, and remains timeless.
  3. Dark Walnut Laminate: For a more dramatic and sophisticated look, dark walnut laminate provides a rich, timeless appeal that complements various modern bedroom styles.
  4. Stone-Look Laminate: decorative laminates with a stone pattern mimic the look of natural stone, such as marble or slate. 
  5. Concrete-Style Laminate: Industrial aesthetics are on-trend in modern design. Concrete-look laminate flooring or wall panels can give your bedroom an edgy, urban vibe.
  6. Textured Laminate: Laminate with textured surfaces, such as embossed wood grain or brushed metal, adds depth and character to your bedroom’s design.
  7. Chevron Laminate: Similar to herringbone, chevron patterns can make a bold and stylish statement in your bedroom.
  8. Geometric Patterns: Laminate with geometric patterns, can create a visually stunning focal point. These patterns add a sense of swing and style.

What are geometric and chevron patterns?

As you know, geometric patterns use shapes and lines repeatedly to create eye-catching, original designs. On the other hand, the chevron pattern is defined by its iconic v-shape, which is known as a Hungarian Point.

Rectangular blocks meet end-to-end, at a 45-or-35-degree angle to form distinctive zig zags across the floor.

This design is different from the herringbone format which meets side-to-end when creating a similar zig-zag pattern. The angle at which the blocks sit is also a key difference. 

Why are chevron and geometric patterned flooring so popular?

Chevron and geometric patterns are timelessly classic designs.

The shapes and lines are simple but elegant, fitting in with the modern minimal and vintage traditional design.

They are also versatile. You can easily use either of these options as the key feature of a room or blend it into the background and allow other details to take the spotlight in your design.

Both geometric and chevron patterns can make the most of tight spaces, or really draw a large space together.

A feeling of welcoming sophistication is another reason these designs have been so highly regarded over the years. Living rooms and kitchens are huge beneficiaries here, as these pattern draws people in nicely.


At Royale Touché, we offer chevron and geometric patterned laminates that not only guarantee to elevate your space but also keep it looking sophisticated and timeless for many years to come.

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