Smart Laminates: Integrating Technology into Everyday Surfaces

Smart Laminates: Integrating Technology into Everyday Surfaces

With the world literally speeding up, information overload, and technological advancements gaining momentum, it is rather important to build a home that can keep up with the times. Don’t you agree? Hence, we at Royale Touche , offer solutions that guarantee to transform your living space into an advanced, modern abode.

Why installing smart laminates is a smart choice?

Laminate sheets are one of the most preferred materials that are used to increase the aesthetics of any space and refurnish various applications. They are artificially crafted surfaces layered with special decorative Kraft paper that helps in creating attractive and clean surfaces in everyday living spaces such as kitchen surfaces, wall panels, cabinets, furniture, ceilings, doors and floors. They are designed to give you a chic appearance and modern look without breaking the bank.

Benefits of using laminates in everyday surfaces

Highly durable 

Laminate sheets are made with a specialised transparent paper coated with aluminium oxide and a special resin mixture that protects the top surface of the laminate from scratches, impacts, spills, abrasion and other external agents. Moreover, a combination of specially treated Kraft papers with a variety of resin mixtures is used to provide strength, stability, balance, better sanding and adhesion, and longevity to the product. Now, once its core is treated under controlled conditions, it prevents the laminate from cracking and fracturing, ensuring it looks great for many years to come. 

Moisture & water resistant

Laminate sheets are fabricated with an additional layer of plastic sheet, which makes them waterproof. This keeps them from decaying over the years, or absorbing moisture, which reduces the risk of bacterial growth. These laminates are also treated with antifungal and antiviral properties that fight against bacteria and germs.

Easy to maintain 

These laminates require little to no maintenance to keep their appearance. However, in order to keep these sunmica sheets looking good as new, make sure to use a soft microfiber cloth soaked in warm water to wipe down any stains or dust particles. 

High-performance & Hygienic 

Apart from being scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, abrasion-resistant and stain-proof, these laminates are also anti-bacterial and antifungal in nature. This feature minimises any risk of microbes penetrating and multiplying on the laminate sheetsand prolongs the lifespan of the furniture, making it an ideal product for the kitchen, bathroom and other such high-traffic areas in your home. 

Wide choices 

Royal Touché is home to a wide range of luxury laminate designs that are manufactured in a variety of textures, types and hues to meet your style preferences. Our decorative laminate catalogue with laminate price, available on the website, has been curated to add unique visual attractiveness that will transform the ambience of your home and give it a unique touch. 

Innovative and stylish

Laminates are available in various colours and these hues last for a longer duration. They are also available in a variety of designs and finishes so you can pick exactly what you love without compromising on any fronts.


If you want your home to look chic and modern, we recommend using high-quality laminates available at Royale Touché that can be easily customised to suit your taste and the overall aesthetics of your home. 

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