Incorporating Matte Laminates in Minimalist Design

Incorporating Matte Laminates in Minimalist Design

When renovating our home, we are often torn between multiple choices. Should we go with new trends or keep it classic? Do we opt for minimal style or bold colours? Should we keep it matte or glossy?

Well, with so many creative options out there, it is certainly possible to be confused. However, there’s one thing we can definitely help you with, in this blog – Matte Finish Laminates, its benefits and how it can help you create a minimalistic abode. 

What is Matte Finish Laminate?

Matte laminate is a ‘natural’ looking laminate that offers a softer and sober look, and appears smoother than gloss finish laminate. The texture of a matte laminate is velvety and luxe, which gives users a pleasant handling experience. Moreover, the colour of these laminates is rich in consistency as they do not reflect light, which can make some areas look brighter or darker than others.

Benefits of using matte finish laminates:

1. Matte laminate sheets have enhanced durability as the laminate print sheets have more capacity to sustain in everyday use.

2. Matte laminates are anti-fingerprint, which makes them a low-maintenance choice, and they make it super easy to clean any liquid spills, stains, smudges, dirt, grease, and more.

3. These laminates add richness to your space and make it appear more luxe.

4. Matte finish laminates give a muted look; hence, they add a smooth and subtle finish, without any shine.


Kitchen cabinets

Matte finish laminates have been a popular choice for the kitchen for many years, mainly for two reasons. One, they look simple and clean and second, they do not highlight any imperfections, such as stains, spills or fingerprints, very easily. Thanks to the absence of any element that can help reflect light on the surface, those little secrets stay hidden. 

Bedroom and living room 

Matte finish laminates are very soothing and relaxing. For those of you, who love to keep the details in your living spaces sophisticated and sleek, without a doubt, matte sunmica will prove to be your BFF. This is also why they are often used in bedrooms and living rooms as they are places where you either spend quality time with your family or simply rest, after a long, tiring day, or both. Moreover, these laminates are super durable too, so it makes for a great option to invest in. 


If you want your wardrobe to look aesthetic, matte finish laminates are the way to go. These laminates are durable, and have anti-fingerprint elements that require little to no maintenance, plus, the enriched colour lends them a professional look that’ll make you fall in love with them instantly. 


Lastly, matte laminate designs are a great choice for flooring as they are totally devoid of any lustre and shine, and they are scratch-resistant too. This makes them last for years. And, they work well with all types of furniture, making them a very popular option among people from different walks of life. 

Matte Finish Laminate from Royale Touché can revolutionize every corner of your home or workspace in unimaginable ways. So, what are you waiting for? Bring home innovation that inspires!

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