Combining Stone Laminates with Wood: A Modern Rustic Design Trend

Combining Stone Laminates with Wood: A Modern Rustic Design Trend

As you know, combining two timeless natural elements, wood and stone, can make a real style statement and give you a very unique space that exudes luxury. With such extraordinary textures, both wood and stone can add interest in a harmonious way or even evoke a certain mood, especially, when you choose to work with contrasting colours.

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  • Benefits of stone sunmica and wood laminates
  • Top 3 spaces were combining stone and wood works
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Benefits of stone sunmica and wood laminates

  1. Laminates provide an attractive option for commercial and residential spaces that is both durable and cost-effective.
  2. One of the biggest benefits of using laminates is that they are easy to clean.
  3. Laminates are becoming extremely popular today as they are affordable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.
  4. With its wide range of colours and patterns, decorative laminates can be used to create beautiful furniture that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. 
  5. The versatility of stone laminates makes them perfect for use on a variety of surfaces

Best areas to combine stone and wood in your home –

Bathroom: Natural stone adds a beautiful rustic appeal to your shower rooms, making it look elegant and classy for years to come. With natural stone veneers, your bathroom will not only look picture perfect, but also stay in style, even if trends change. Combine this with wooden cabinets to store your towels and toiletries, and you’ve got yourself a marvellous space that allows you to rest and revive.

Kitchen: Just like pairing a fine wine with the right meal, combining sophisticated woodgrain laminate with the look of premium stone laminate makes for a memorable experience. Design-forward kitchens now feature focal point islands with woodgrain laminate countertops in an array of hues. Adding surrounding countertops in exotic or sleek stone looks builds a sense of sophistication and warmth to create a thoroughly modern space.

Hallways: Hallways in most homes are the first room guests notice when visiting and for that reason are seen to experience the most foot traffic. That being said, hallways can also easily be forgotten about when it comes to decorating efforts. However, we would recommend using this space creatively by combining textured limestone with a tumbled or seasoned finish, and pair it with a character-rich, aged wooden floor to give yourself and your guests a visual treat.


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