5 cool wall ideas for your bedroom

5 cool wall ideas for your bedroom

Is your gallery filled with those beautiful and aesthetically pleasing room decor images from Pinterest? Do you aspire to make every corner of your room look like something out of a movie set? If yes, then, it’s time to make a change! Let’s start with the most favourite part of your home – your bedroom. By using decorative laminates, you can give those dull and boring walls a fresh new look and make them the focal point of your room. And that’s not all. With thousands of unique designs, colours and textures available at Royale Touché, you can quite literally bring your dreams to life. However, if too many options get you overwhelmed, here are few trending wall ideas that may help you kick-start your project –

Decorative Designs

Don’t like to take the subtle route, but don’t enjoy loud designs too? Then go for decorative laminates with muted designs in your favourite colour. These laminates will totally transform your room into an extraordinary space that you will never want to leave. Decorative laminates offer a simple, yet aesthetically stunning wall décor solution that can be easily customised to your taste.

A Classic Wooden Touch

Every year we see new colour palettes, designs and patterns becoming trendy and slowly fading into oblivion. But the texture and colour of wood, especially natural wood, stays. It is untouched. It is timeless. So, if you are looking for something that screams ‘permanent’, we would suggest you go with this classic idea that’s nothing short of amazing.

Trendy Wall Panelling

If you have an interior designer or architect friend, you must have already heard of this rising star that was once reserved for historic homes. Today, wall panelling makes a sleek statement in many modern rooms and adds great texture, character and style to a simple bedroom, transforming it into an extraordinary space. From elaborate designs to simple, more minimalistic patterns, with the help of this idea, you can try to bring many interesting compositions to life.

Eye-catching ceiling

Let’s not forget the ceiling, shall we? If you want your new room to look great from every angle, give every corner your undivided attention. For example, if you want the four walls of you room to stay simple and clean, you can work spill your creativity on the ceiling by using decorative laminates that are not only easy to install but also add architectural interest to them.

Luxe Modern TV Wall Design

If you want to drive the attention of your guests towards any one wall, make it your TV wall. Not only will this make your TV screen look stunning but also amp up the style of the wall, making it a stunning eye candy that will be impossible to ignore. At Royale Touché, we aim to bring together functionality and aesthetics to homeowners by giving them stunning laminate options to choose from. So, what you get, ranges from sophisticated room designs to clutter-free spaces that let you enjoy every moment in your favourite corner.

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