Wake Up to Style: Best Quality Laminates for Your Bedroom

Wake Up to Style: Best Quality Laminates for Your Bedroom

Love waking up in a space that calms your mind and gently prepares you for the day? If your answer is yes, choose digital laminates. 

A fabulous combination of functionality and style, bedroom laminates will help you seamlessly transform your bedroom into a masterpiece. After all, when decor and art come together, the result can be simply breathtaking; having a transformative effect on any space. The right component, design or even texture can tie the whole place together and magically bring life, color, creativity and personality into your home.

One of the easiest ways to bring art into your bedroom is by using the latest sunmica designs for your bedroom from Royale Touché. 

What are decorative laminates?

Decorative laminates are amongst the most preferred materials used to increase the aesthetics of any space and refurnish various applications. They are artificially crafted surfaces layered with special decorative Kraft paper, which helps in creating attractive surfaces including kitchen areas, wall panels, cabinets, furniture, ceilings, doors and floors. 

Benefits of using laminates

  • They are highly durable 
  • They are easy to maintain and require minimal effort to clean
  • Decorative laminates are available in wide range of hues, textures, and types
  • Apart from being scratch-resistant, stain-proof, abrasion-resistant, and heat-resistant, laminates are also anti-bacterial and antifungal

Best ways to use decorative laminates in your bedroom

Remove old wall panels or wallpaper 

Revamp the walls in your bedroom into a piece of art by using laminate sheets that speak to you. However, if you choose something bold, try not to go overboard; select only one wall and turn it into a masterpiece by using decorative laminates from Royale Touché. Available in a plethora of colours and designs, these laminates have been especially curated to add unique visual attractiveness in your bedroom.

Upgrade doors with bedroom door laminate design 

Available in a wide variety of designs and colours that can even mimic the appearance of natural wood, laminates offer homeowners and designers a plethora of options to experiment with, especially when they choose to work with brands like Royale Touché, who give their customers a chance to turn their bedroom doors into a stunning oasis.

Revamp your bedroom furniture 

Laminate sheets have the potential to elevate the aesthetics of your bedroom furniture, while giving the feel of natural materials, such as leather. However, to enjoy the best results, it is important to select the right manufacturers who understand your requirements and offer creative solutions, like Royale Touché.  

Update your wardrobe

Digital laminates work wonderfully as wardrobe laminates, all thanks to their stylish appearance and excellent moisture-resistant properties. Plus, if you are choosing decorative laminates for your wardrobe,you can be rest assured of their appearance and longevity as these laminate options are immune to the ill effects of spills and scratches too. 


A contemporary bedroom must be a relaxing, calm retreat with splashes of art that encourages, inspires and motivates you every day. So, if you are ready to update and simplify your space, we are here to help and are happy to guide you through the process.

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