Door Laminate

Door Laminate

Door laminates are external coating laminate materials pressed onto doors to give them an aesthetic appeal, add to their longevity, and are a cost-effective option instead of opting for new doors in a similar design.

Knowing the kind of aesthetics you want and being aware of the colors, the interior, etc., already present in the space of your choice is important when choosing the right laminate for any project.

Buying door laminates online helps you avoid the hassle of physically scouring for these laminates in the marketplace and bargaining for the same. Moreover, you get the benefit of home delivery and multiple options.

Our door laminates are available in multiple shades and types, such as oak woodline high gloss, dry mat fabric print, and many more. They are also available in deep, glossy, matt, and soft textures.

Royale Touche’s door laminates are available in 1220mm x 2440mm product sizes and thicknesses varying between 1 mm and 1.25 mm.

To make decision-making easier, Royale Touche lets customers order a sample of the door laminate. This helps get an idea of how it will look and the quality.

For vertical application, Royale Touche’s door laminates are ideal for doors in all spaces; personal, professional, bathroom, and bedroom doors.

Some popular designs in the door laminates category include; stone laminate in various shades, fabric laminates, high gloss canvas print laminate, and many more.

We recommend you consider a professional to work on the installation process. You can focus on choosing the right door laminates and sunmica.

Yes! Royale Touche’s door laminates and sunmica are extremely durable as they are four times scratch resistant, with antibacterial properties, and resistivity to UV color fastness.

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