Fabrics Laminate

Fabrics Laminate​

Fabric laminates are a category of laminates that render aesthetics and utility by giving the effect of fabric on the laminates. It is one of the popular interior décor choices owing to its beauty.

Choosing the right laminate for a project requires precise vision and understanding of the space. If you want to choose a laminate for your office, keep in perspective laminates that align with a professional vibe.

When you buy fabric laminates online, you don’t undergo the hassle of physically searching for vendors and negotiating with them. Moreover, your prospects of choice are expanded, and you get your laminates home delivered.

At Royale Touche, fabric laminates are available in deep, glossy, matt, and soft textures. They are also available as per looks, and you can choose from abstract fabrics, solid colors, and much more.

Fabric laminates at Royale Touche are available in 1220mm x 2440mm dimensions with 1.25mm thickness.

Royale Touche’s fabric laminates are of top-notch quality. However, you can order a sample of the fabric laminate to check for yourself.

Yes! Our fabric laminates are suitable for all applications, whether adorning your hallway, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. Whatever your aesthetic and application, our fabric laminates are suitable for all.

Popular designs in the fabric laminate category include digital print laminate, fabric print dry mat laminate, and many more, divided into deep, glossy, matt, and soft textures.

Your job is restricted to choosing the fabric laminates and sunmica; installing it is no laminate fabric diy. Since installing these is a professional task, you must hire a professional to do it for you.

Royale Touche’s fabric laminates are extremely beautiful and durable. They are due to scratch resistivity and resistivity to fading from UV light and anti-bacterial chemical protection. Royale Touche’s fabric laminates and sunmica last for years altogether.

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