Horizontal Wood Grains Laminate

Horizontal Wood Grains Laminate

Horizontal woodgrain laminates are laminates that have a wood-like effect. However, they are more environment-friendly, durable, and easy to maintain than real wood surfaces.

When choosing the right laminate, remember the theme you want for your chosen space. Avoid keeping too many options in perspective.

Buying horizontal woodgrain laminates online saves time and resources spent on physically looking for vendors. And it gets you high-quality laminates at competitive rates.

Our horizontal woodgrain laminates are available in multiple shades and types, such as black woodgrain laminate and oak woodline high gloss. They are available in deep, glossy, matt, and soft textures.

Horizontal woodgrain laminates are available in 1220mm x 2440mm dimensions and 1.25mm thickness.

Royale Touche provides horizontal woodgrain laminate of the highest quality. But you can order a sample of the same and see for yourself.

Yes. Our horizontal grey wood grain laminates are available for all applications, from the bedroom, kitchen countertops, and office spaces to bar units.

Some popular designs in the horizontal woodgrains category include multiple shades of brown, grey woodgrain laminate, white woodgrain laminate and textured woodgrain laminates.

We suggest you hire a professional to take care of the installation process while you limit your role to choosing horizontal woodgrain laminates and sunmica.

Yes. Royale Touche’s horizontal woodgrain laminates and sunmica are extremely durable owing to four times scratch resistivity, antibacterial properties, and resistivity to UV color fastness.

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