Office Laminate

Office Laminate

Office sunmica and laminates are decorative sheets designed to elevate the appearance of walls, furniture, worktops, table tops, and floors in offices and other commercial spaces.

Choosing the right laminates for your projects comes down to selecting the right designs, textures, and colour schemes that match your creative vision. The quality and thickness of the laminate are of equal importance.

There are numerous advantages to buying office laminates. A few of them include durability, easy installation, scratch resistance, antibacterial properties, and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Office laminate sheets are available in countless designs, patterns, finishes, and colour options. Some of the most preferred ones include natural wood finish, high-gloss weathered stone finish, matt finish, old stone finish, solid colours, and abstract designs.

At Royale Touche, office laminates are available in 1220mm x 2440mm dimensions.

Although the quality is premium, you can order a sample of office laminate sheets prior to your final order.

Our office sunmica and laminates find extensive applications in offices and commercial spaces, including corporate offices, libraries, restaurants, gyms, clinics, hospitals, etc. You can use them for trendy interior designs in reception areas, waiting rooms, pantry areas, conference rooms, countertops, cabinets, table tops, and furniture.

Our office laminates come in a range of textures, finishes, designs, prints, and colours. Some popular design choices include stone finish, solid colours, textured finish, wood finish, and stone finish.

Installing office laminate sheets requires experience and professional skills. So, it is advisable to hire an interior designer for your project.

Yes, they are designed to last for years. Resistant to fading by light, our office laminates also feature anti-scratch and anti-bacterial properties, which expand their life.

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