Wall Laminate

Wall Laminate

Sunmica, another name for wall laminates, is a durable ornamental surface material used to improve interiors’ aesthetic appeal. Laminates, which are made of layers of ornamental paper and melamine resin, are fused under high temperatures and pressure to produce a robust and elastic composite material. Wall laminates offer a practical way to update dated furniture, cabinets, doors, and walls at a reasonable price thanks to their assortment of designs, colors, and patterns.

Choosing the right laminate for your project depends on the space you want to use the laminate for, the surface, and the appeal you seek from the laminate.

Buying wall laminates online offers advantages such as a wide selection of designs, convenient shopping from home, the ability to compare prices and read reviews, competitive pricing and discounts, doorstep delivery, easy return policies, and accessible customer support. These benefits make online shopping for wall laminates a convenient and efficient way to find the perfect options for your interior decor needs.

Royale Touche’s wall laminates are available in deep, glossy, matt, and soft textures. They are also available in multiple shades and designs, such as high gloss, premium quality fluted designs, and other sophisticated looks.

Royale Touche’s wall laminates are available in 1220mm x 2440mm product sizes and thicknesses varying between 1 mm and 1.25 mm.

Royale Touche allows customers to order a sample of the wall laminate to make decision-making easier. This helps customers get an idea of the quality and final result.

Royale Touche’s wall laminates are suitable for applications in all high-traffic areas in all personal and professional spaces.

Premium quality shiny finish pyramid texture laminate, stone laminate for walls, and high gloss finish laminates are among the popular designs in the wall laminate category.

The homeowner can install Sunmica and wall laminates, but employing a professional is advised for the best results. Professional installers have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to guarantee an accurate and seamless installation. The risk of mistakes or damage is reduced because they can handle the challenging process of cutting, aligning, and adhering the laminates to walls or furniture. Professionals may also offer helpful guidance on product selection, surface preparation, and upkeep, resulting in long-lasting and attractive results. It’s better to rely on a professional installer’s knowledge if you’re doubtful of your DIY abilities or want a faultless installation.

Yes! Royale Touche’s wall laminates and sunmica are extremely durable as they are four times scratch resistant, with antibacterial properties, and resistivity to UV color fastness.

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