₹69.00 – ₹214.00 / Sqft.*

Royalé Touché Performance Ply is a premium-grade waterproof plywood made from carefully selected hardwood timber, offering exceptional strength, high load- bearing capacity, durability against all weather conditions and protection against termites and borers. Utilizing an advanced vacuum pressure treatment system with Nano-molecule chemicals ensures top-notch performance and longevity of the plywood. With E-0 compliance and fire retardant properties, it is an all in one plywood in its true sense.


Vacuum Pressure Chemical Treatment (VPT) The only plywood in India made with 100% scientifically researched proprietary
4X TER-BO KILL Four-stage preservative treatment against the termites and borers to ensure 100% protection for a lifetime
FIRE RETARDANT chemical containing Nano- particles, and organ phosphorus chemicals used during the process
4-Times Pressing Technology Ensure equilibrium moisture content level within the glue line for enhanced stability in the sheet.
Fully Composed Core & Panels 100% composed veneer sheets made using sophisticated core and panel composers
100% Gapless High-quality hardwood species which are fully composed to have zero gaps
100% Calibrated Uniform thickness across the sheet through the calibration process ensures even load distribution
High Screw & Nail Holding Capacity All composed full sheet veneers of select hardwood species, ensuring a robust and well-structured plywood.
E0 Emission Compliant Zero emission of free formaldehyde by use of scavengers in the resin, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.
Lifetime Warranty
100% Hard Wood & Core carefully selected hardwood timber such as Eucalyptus to ensure high strength and durability
A4 & Full Sheet view is for design reference only. Colour may differ.
*The prices are inclusive of GST.
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Test plywood product


6 mm (₹69.00 / Sqft.*), 9 mm (₹84.00 / Sqft.*), 12 mm (₹107.00 / Sqft.*), 16 mm (₹131.00 / Sqft.*), 19 mm (₹153.00 / Sqft.*), 25 mm (₹214.00 / Sqft.*)


8×4, 7×4


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