The Most Recent Trends in Kitchen Laminate Cabinet Designs

The Most Recent Trends in Kitchen Laminate Cabinet Designs

When sprucing our homes, the kitchen is often the most ignored or neglected area. Ironically, it is also the most functional and useful corner. So, why are we turning our faces from this space when designing our beautiful houses? 

It’s time to focus all your energy on giving the “heart of your home” an exciting look by using the most versatile and dynamic kitchen laminates from Royale Touche.

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Commonly used for designing and remodeling kitchen spaces, over the years, laminate sheets have become extremely popular among homeowners who enjoy being creative and experimenting with design, to finally get a space they can cherish for years. 

Trending ways to give your kitchen cabinets a unique look

Choose Floral Patterns

Want to enhance the look of your kitchen by giving it a botanical look? Get inspired by the beauty of nature that has the power to relax and soothe your mind, and display it on your cabinets to create a calming vibe. With multiple floral options available at Royale Touche, you can easily turn your vision into reality. 

Select Stripes

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, stripes are the most popular design trend to exist. The striped patterns give a very bold and striking effect, making it a space that will make heads turn. Moreover, a contrasting touch of striped design can add drama to your space. 

Pick Unique Textured Laminates

Textures are timeless. Textured laminates can transform your regular kitchen cabinets into a unique and dynamic designer finish. These laminates stay in trend for years and keep your kitchen looking fantastic. You can incorporate Royale Touche’s textured laminates in brushed metal finish or wood grain that are always in demand.

Make A Monochromatic Move

Want to give your kitchen a stylish and elegant look? You can never go wrong with a monochromatic style. Sophisticated yet cohesive, monochrome kitchen laminate design gives a no-nonsense and clean appearance that allows you to experiment with other elements in your kitchen such as the island, furniture, or the colour of the walls, etc. 

Make It Matte

Matte finish laminates have been a popular choice for the kitchen, for many years, mainly for two reasons. One they look simple and clean and second, they do not highlight any imperfections, such as stains, spills, or fingerprints, very easily. Thanks to the absence of any element that can help reflect light on the surface, those little secrets stay hidden. 


At Royale Touché, we work hard towards giving you a kitchen that you are proud of and can make some wonderful memories in. A kitchen that reflects your creativity and a space that lets you live a good life. 

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