Why are Laminates the Right Choice for Your Kitchen Countertops?

Why are Laminates the Right Choice for Your Kitchen Countertops?

Introduced during the late 1940s and 1950s as a substitute for stone or wooden surfaces, laminate countertops, today, have come full circle. Aesthetic, functional and reliable, currently, they are dominating every discussion surrounding kitchen countertops.

And why wouldn’t they?

With stunning visual appeal, a wide array of fresh styles to choose from and technologically advanced solutions, laminates give you an opportunity to refresh your kitchen and turn it into a stunning, modern new space.

So, without further ado, now let’s look at some of the benefits of using laminates for your next kitchen remodelling project –

Aesthetically appealing

Available in a plethora of designs and colours that can even mimic the appearance of natural stones perfectly, the new, technologically advanced laminates make a notable first impression. Once limited to simple, minimalistic designs, today, brands like Royale Touché give their customers a chance to turn their kitchens into modern-style homes with laminates that offer excellent dept and realism that was deemed impossible only a few years ago.

Stain & scratch resistant Not only are these laminates stunning, but also very effective and functional as they are immune to the ill effects of moisture and scratches. This makes them a perfect fit for kitchen countertops that are bound to see you and your family make many memories out of every spill, scratch and scrape.

Easy installation

Laminate countertops for the kitchen can be installed within a short period of time and it requires minimal effort and energy too. Thereby, giving you a hassle-free experience and a beautiful space to enjoy and experience in no time.

Low maintenance

The best feature or benefit of using laminates for your kitchen countertop is that they are easy-breezy to maintain. As kitchen countertops require frequent cleaning and scrubbing to get rid of food stains or spills, laminates make it a super simple process for you. All you have to do is use a soft cloth and wipe down the area using a mild cleaning agent. That’s it! Awesome, right?

Antibacterial and antiviral protection

Royale Touché uses a very special resin formulation that is applied over the decorative surface paper to achieve a high degree of bacteria growth resistance. This lets your kitchen stay hygienic and gives you and your family a chance to enjoy every meal together, without worrying about your safety.

Royale Touché Luxury Laminates go through some of the most stringent quality tests in the industry before they become a part of your home. So, if you are dreaming of giving your kitchen a new and elegant makeover, let us help you make your dreams come true.

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