How to choose laminate colours and patterns to suit your space

How to choose laminate colours and patterns to suit your space

Colours and patterns play a crucial part in giving your home a unique character. They impact the aesthetic and ambiance of your space. Hence it is important to choose hues that speak to you. For example, earthy or soft tones are best suited for bedrooms while bright shades work well in functional areas such as home office or dining areas. 

However, if all of this appears confusing or if you are new to the world of digital laminates, and require some help, don’t worry, we’ve got you!

What are digital laminates?

Royale Touché laminate sheetis an artificial material used for furnishing commercial and residential spaces. They are made with a specialised transparent paper coated with aluminium oxide and a unique resin mixture to protect the top surface of the laminate from scratches, impacts, abrasion, spills and other external agents. 

Types of laminates

Your first step should be to understand the types of digital laminates available in the market. Each laminate is designed for a specific purpose. This is why you must choose according to the functionality, for example-

1. High-Pressure Laminates – Perfect for surfaces exposed to high wear and tear
2. Gloss Laminates – Ideal for kitchen cabinets
3. Decorative Laminates – Living room, bedrooms and kitchens
4. Anti-Fingerprint Laminates – Surfaces that are prone to a high level of usage

Tips to use the right colour laminates to suit your space

Add personality to your living room

Royale Touché digital laminates are available in various attractive colours and prints that can help you bring your vision to life. So, if you are planning to revamp your living room, think big and choose decorative laminates. From solid colours, complex patterns, wood grain, and marble finish laminates to much more, you get a world of options to choose from that will not only give your home a luxurious appeal but also make it a place you’ll cherish for years to come.

Transform your bedroom

Most people like to keep their bedrooms simple. If you share the same thought, we would suggest you to go with a minimal design and simple or solid colour laminate sheets. By doing this, you’ll have an aesthetically pleasing and inviting bedroom that helps you relax after a long day, while also looking absolutely stunning and trendy.

Tip: always remember to keep your room clutter-free by getting rid of furniture that serves no purpose before you begin any new project. 

Sparkle up your kitchen 

When redoing your kitchen, it is advisable to pick timeless shades that also age well, such as yellow, blue, green, or seamlessly contrasting shades. These shades will successfully add a personality to your kitchen, and give you and your family a space to get together and make memories. When it comes to the kitchen area, never shy away from experimenting with new ideas and themes. 

Freshen up your furniture 

The simplest way to give your home a unique personality is to include furniture that works seamlessly with the neutral or monochromatic theme of your home. However, if you have already purchased some of your furniture, just give it a makeover with Royale Touché’s colour laminate sheets by simply using digital laminates that are available in a wide range of fresh and bright colours, designs and even textures.


Decorative digital laminates are setting new trends every day, as most interior designers are increasingly turning to them. This is why, at Royale Touché we make sure to add an array of styles, colours and designs, so when you finally make the decision to transform your space, you never have to compromise.

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