Swapping Laminates for a Fresh Look

Swapping Laminates for a Fresh Look

Laminates, as we all know, have become an important product in decorating and designing unique spaces. From residential to commercial spaces, decorative laminates give designers the opportunity as well as easy access to turn their vision into reality. 

So, if you are planning to give your corner a refreshing look, listed below are a few things we’d recommend. 

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Decorative Designs 

If you are someone who doesn’t like subtle tones but you’re not a fan of bold laminate designs either, then, we’d suggest you go for decorative laminates with muted designs in your favourite colour. These laminate sheets will totally transform your room into an extraordinary space that you will never want to leave. Decorative laminates offer a simple, yet aesthetically stunning wall décor solution that can be easily customised to your taste.  

Perfect Panelling 

If you have an interior designer or architect friend, you must have already heard of this rising star that was once reserved for historic homes. Today, wall panelling makes a sleek statement in many modern rooms and adds character and style to a simple bedroom, transforming it into an extraordinary space that can come across as both vintage or modern; depending on how you style it.

Timeless Touch

Every year we see new colour palettes, designs and patterns becoming trendy and slowly fading into oblivion. But the texture and colour of wood, especially natural wood, stays. It is untouched. It is timeless. So, if you do not want to revamp your space time and again, you must go with this classic idea that will never appear dull or boring. 

Deeps reds 

If you want to drive the attention of your guests towards any one wall, make it your TV wall. Not only will this make your TV screen look stunning but also amp up the style of the wall, making it a stunning eye candy that will be impossible to ignore. 

Charming ceiling 

Let’s not forget the ceiling, shall we? If you want your new room to look great from every angle, give every corner your undivided attention. For example, if you want the four walls of your room to stay simple and clean, you can spill your creativity on the ceiling by using decorative laminates that are not only easy to install but also add architectural interest to them. 

At Royale Touché, our goal is to make sunmica a solution for all your designing woes. From vibrant hues and designs to more minimalistic options, we give our customers an opportunity to turn the most complicated spaces into something exciting, innovative and even magical. 

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