Digital Laminates

What are Digital Laminates & what are they used for

What are digital laminates? Digital or decorative laminates are the most popular materials that are used to update the aesthetics of any space and refurnish various applications. They are artificially crafted surfaces layered with special decorative Kraft paper that helps in creating beautiful surfaces including wall panels, cabinets, furniture, ceilings, floors, & more.  Benefits of using laminates Some of the…

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Digital laminates: An easy way to get creative & smart with small spaces

It is often smaller spaces that require more attention to detail. From furniture to floor, it is imperative to incorporate aesthetically pleasing elements that are functional and play an important role in creating an illusion of space, whilst maximizing the potential of compact areas. How can you achieve that? Think digital laminates. Designers and interior design enthusiasts often choose to…

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4 Reasons Why Digital Laminates are a Perfect Choice For your Next Project

The world is thriving with visionary artists and creative individuals who are always working hard toward making art more accessible and available to all. And in the past few years, their backbreaking work has paid off, as more and more people are welcoming the idea of installing unique designs and patterns in residential and commercial spaces by choosing digital laminates.…

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